Rumours ATL: A Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Ages 18 and up
Sunday, August 04
Show: 8pm
$25 / Day Of : $30

This is a 18+ event with standing room only

Formed in 2014, Rumours ATL has taken the U.S. by storm with their stage scorching renditionsof Fleetwood Mac songs. Fans from across the nation claim that Rumours ATL is the band to see if youare looking for an authentic recreation of live Fleetwood Macshows.In just under 7 years, Rumours ATL has landed themselves the reputation of being the bestFleetwood Mac Tribute band and additionally has made fans internationally. In the summer of 2019,Rumours ATL was invited to play a week in TheNetherlands at some of the top venues and festivals inthe country. The success of that tour brought them attention from plenty of new fans and promoters andthey will be returning in 2020. Specially crafted shows and not one detail left behind, Rumours ATLcontinues to sell out some of the top venues in the United States and gain fans at each show.Rumours ATL is fronted by Mekenzie Zimmerman (Stevie Nicks vocals), Adrienne Cottrell(keyboards and Christine McVie vocals), and Denny Hanson (guitar and Lindsey Buckinghamvocals).John Spiegel on lead guitar, Jim Ramsdell on bass, and Daniel Morrison on drums makeup oneof the best live band performances you will see at any show. The band prides themselves on being themost authentic Fleetwood Mac Tribute without coming across as a parody or a bore of a show. They willmake you dance, sing along at the top of your lungs, and you’ll even learn something new aboutFleetwood Mac at each performance.Rumours ATL will leave you wanting more. Rumours ATLwill make you relive those Fleetwood Macmemories.Do you believe in miracles and the ways of magic? Rumours ATL do.
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