Kalamazoo Academy Of Rock

This is an all ages event. Kalamazoo Academy of Rock is back at Bell’s! These youth bands have been wow-ing audiences for years – come on down for a show like no other! For more information about KAR visit www.kzoorock.com

Satsang w/ Tim Snider

This is a 18+ event with standing room only “I just want to write and perform songs that touch the heart and help others”. Letting go of genre, expectation, and boxes, Satsang has leaned into the power of songwriting to drive their forthcoming release, Flowers From The Fray (the band’s 5th album in 6 years) due out Fall 2022.Recorded and self-produced with the help of bandmate and longtime collaborator Parker Brown, this record finds the duo tucked away in a secluded cabin in Southwest Montana digging back into the foundation on which Satsang was founded on. “These songs were all so personal to me” says Drew McManus. “Whether it was really sifting through the stage of life I had found myself in which was a kind of dark night of the soul, or leaning into the love of my wife. This record is truly me bearing my heart. I needed to seclude myself to find out where these songs wanted to go, and having Parker’s musical guidance had a big hand in that.”This record, coupled with the band’s last release All. Right. Now. is a maturing. A growing into the songwriter and musicians that the band was destined to be. A settled and firm foundation of influences and sound that brings every external aspect in and finds it internalized and distilled into “Flowers From the Fray”. Satsang Pre-Show VIP Experience50 packages per show //              • One general admission ticket             • Early venue entry             • Intimate soundcheck performance by Satsang (Solo)             • Q&A session with Satsang             • Collectible 2023 tour poster, signed by Satsang             • Commemorative pre-show tour laminate             • Limited availability

Horsegirl w/ Cindy

This is a 18 and over event with standing room only. Horsegirl is a noisy rock trio from Chicago composed of Penelope Lowenstein (she/her), Nora Cheng (she/her), and Gigi Reece (they/them). Horsegirl draws inspiration from shoegaze and post-punk, in the realm of ‘90’s American and UK indie underground.

Horsegirl w/ Cindy and The War Between

18+ Event standing room only Horsegirl is a noisy rock trio from Chicago composed of Penelope Lowenstein (she/her), Nora Cheng (she/her), and Gigi Reece (they/them). Horsegirl draws inspiration from shoegaze and post-punk, in the realm of ‘90’s American and UK indie underground.

Southern Culture on the Skids

This is a 18 and over event with standing room only Southern Culture On The Skids has been consistently recording and touring around the world since 1983. The band (Rick Miller – guitar and vocals, Mary Huff – bass and vocals, Dave Hartman – drums) has been playing together for over 30 years. Their musical journey has taken them from all-night North Carolina house parties to late night TV talk shows (Conan O’Brien, The Tonight Show), from performing at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan to rockin’ out for the inmates at North Carolina correctional facilities. They’ve shared a stage with many musical luminaries including Link Wray, Loretta Lynn, Hasil Adkins and Patti Smith. Their music has been featured in movies and TV, parodied by Weird Al, and used to sell everything from diamonds to pork sausage. In 2014 the band was honored by the Southern Folklife Collection at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill with an exhibition featuring their music and cultural contributions. Their legendary live shows are a testament to the therapeutic powers of foot-stomping, butt-shaking rock and roll and what Rolling Stone dubbed “a hell raising rock and roll party.”At Home with Southern Culture on the Skids is the latest full length album from the band and was released in March of 2021. It was recorded during the stay at home period of the pandemic when the band was at home and not touring. The album consists of 11 tracks recorded and mixed in Rick Miller’s living room with some additional tracks recorded at his studio, The Kudzu Ranch.The first radio single off the album is “Run Baby Run”—a rocking number with deep garage roots. SCOTS bassist Mary Huff provides an urgent vocal while the band pulls back the throttle on a full race fuzz fest—cause she’s gotta to go fast! Run Baby Run!The other songs on the album are a combination of the band’s unique mix of musical genres: rock and roll, surf, folk and country—all a bit off-center, what Rick proudly calls “our wobbly Americana”. Rick goes on, “We put a few more acoustic guitars on this one, as you would expect if you recorded in your living room, but it still rocks like SCOTS. So put your headphones on, get in your favorite chair/sofa/recliner, put on “At Home With” and let’s hang out for a while.”

HairMania wsg VANGOGO

This is a 18+ event with standing room only Up from the ashes and into the light is the best way to describe HairMania. With shredding guitars, thundering drums, huge hooks, and wildly popular sing-along songs, HairMania’s brand of GLAM is just what the doctor ordered. ~ and along the way, start a serious party! Culminating in a high energy, and highly entertaining stage show, HairMania is here to prove that the 80’s hard rock lives on. With true talent and raw power, HairMania delivers the 80’s hard rock classics the way they should be heard, loud, proud, and very, very, HAIRY! The Glam Slam 80’s Jam rocks you……like a hurricane! WE ARE……HAIRMANIA!VAN GO GO is Nathan Mackinder (vocals/guitar), Jason Schaller (lead guitar/vocals) Paxton Olney (bass/vocals) and Jonah Brockman (drums/vocals). Their name is as unique as these veteran rockers and it actually wasn’t difficult to decide on a moniker for the band. Near the end of a night on the town, they stumbled on a Van Gogh print at the top of a stairway. Schaller looked at the group and suggested, “How about Van Go Go?”

Mungion w/ Pajamas

This is a 18+ event with standing room only Mungion is Justin Reckamp (Guitar/Vocals), Joe Re (Keys/Vocals), Grant Martin (Bass/Vocals) and Jonny Gifford (Drums). Drawing inspiration from a wide array of musical styles, they create a raucous, yet jubilant sound all of their own. Since their inception in Spring of 2015, Mungion is quickly becoming known for their undeniably explosive and charismatic live shows. The Chicago-based four-piece is rooted in their ambitious compositions and improvisational ability.Known for their whimsical songs and goofy stage antics, Mungion’s joyous presence is a natural extension of its members, making for live performances that are infectiously lighthearted and deeply sincere. Mungion is guaranteed to have you smiling ear to ear and leaving wanting more.

Knee Deep Shag w/ Domestic Problems

This is a 18 and over event.Standing Room Only Though their live shows have been further between for the past decade, Knee Deep Shag still remains an influential force in the Michigan music scene. The boys have been busy working on an array of other independent and nationally recognized musical endeavors, but every so often the itch to return to the stage as a group, and reconnect with the fans and the music just can’t be ignored. Their evolving and original live set ranges from high-energy rock and soulful ballads, to deep dance grooves and a “super rock cover” or two – sure to satisfy your mind and your behind. Heavyweight players and songwriters at every position: Phil Barry on guitar, Matt Gross on vocals, Rob Cookman on keyboards, Jeff Moehle on drums and Mike Fuerst on bass. See you at the show!

Album Release: Celestial w/ Basic Comfort, Blood at Ease

18+ Event Standing room only Celestial is a Kalamazoo-based alternative ambient rock combo.  It consists of founder Brian Ritzer on bass guitar and lead vocals, Colin McKernan on drums, David Balanda on guitar, and Amanda Savitski on keyboards.  They are releasing their first full-length album, with the title track “Velvet Moon”, on January 26th, 2024.  Velvet Moon was tracked and mixed by Chris Frankhausen of Raygun Studios in Kalamazoo, MI.  Mastering was done by Garrett Gagnon in Long Beach, California.  The album features Gabrielle Balanda on backup vocals and co-founder Jeremy Cronk on guitar.  Jeremy will be joining Celestial for their release show at Bells Eccentric Café.  The show will also feature backing vocals by Gabrielle Balanda, Melissa Gast, Melissa Zavala, and Emily Oppenhuizen.  Chris will also be joining for a couple of tunes to commemorate the completion of the album.

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band

This is a 18+ event with standing room only NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The latest album from Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band was written by candlelight and then recorded using the best technology available . . . in the 1950s. But listeners won’t find another album as relevant, electrifying and timely as Dance Songs for Hard Times. Dance Songs for Hard Times conveys the hopes and fears of pandemic living. Rev. Peyton, the Big Damn Band’s vocalist and world-class fingerstyle guitarist, details bleak financial challenges on the songs “Ways and Means” and “Dirty Hustlin’.” He pines for in-person reunions with loved ones on “No Tellin’ When,” and he pleads for celestial relief on the album-closing “Come Down Angels.” Far from a depressing listen, Dance Songs lives up to its name by delivering action-packed riffs and rhythms across 11 songs. The country blues trio that won over crowds on more than one Warped Tour knows how to make an audience move. “I like songs that sound happy but are actually very sad,” Peyton says. “I don’t know why it is, but I just do.”

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