This is a 21 and over event.Standing Room Only “Yes, There Really Is A Kalamashoegazer.”   After a 3 year hiatus due to the pandemic, Kalamazoo’s own Dreampop and Shoegaze music festival, KALAMASHOEGAZER, returns, Saturday, October 14th, at Bell’s Backroom. This year’s line-up features 6 bands from the Midwest and beyond, including…   Bluhm  Melodic, ambient dreampop duo from Detroit, MI.  Bluhm.bandcamp.com   Cult of Lip Noisy, alternative, Shoegaze from Madison, WI Cultoflip.bandcamp.com     Tambourina  Jangly, Post-punk-ish (C86 type twee) dreampop from Kalamazoo, MI. Tambourina.bandcamp.com   Brief Candles  Noisy, alternative, Shoegaze from Milwaukee, WI Briefcandles.bandcamp.com   Dead Leaf Echo Nouveau wave, Alternative, Shoegaze from Brooklyn, NY Deadleafecho.bandcamp.com   ….so what exactly IS Kalamashoegazer? Not *exactly* a full-on fest, more of once a year family gathering of “The Scene that Celebrates Itself” where fans and bands can meet each other, hang out, enter to win effects pedals and prizes, dance, listen to Shoegaze djs, and have an all around awesome time. 

The Krelboynes wsg Charles the Osprey & Glass God

This is a 21 and over event.Standing Room Only The Krelboynes are back and better than ever with a brand new album and a brand new sound. This quartet from Kalamazoo is creating apocalyptic post-rock with doomy dreamscapes and Lovecraftian lyrics. Their new album “Boyne Again” tells the tale of prehistoric monsters resurrected by the appearance of the asteroid that wiped them out centuries ago. The revelations revealed in their recordings may frighten you–but worry not, Dear Reader! The Krelboynes act not only as harbingers of horror but also as forerunners of fun! No one knows how to have a good time more than the wild party animals that make up Kalamazoo’s premiere indie rock band: The Krelboynes!

Basic Comfort w/ Finkel and Headband Henny

This is a 21 and over event.Standing Room Only Between some lineup changes and the reception of a grant from the Kalamazoo Arts Council, BC has had a turbulent yet positive past year. With support from the grant they are currently in the process of recording their second full length album as well as producing a music video and other goodies to go along with the album. The group takes inspiration from artists like Daniel Caesar, Parcels, Gil Scott Heron, and Daft Punk. They approach their music writing from more of a personal perspective, letting the grooving music juxtapose therapeutic lyrics. They believe that music is healing, and with each release, they hope to give people a sonic space to connect with themselves and be their most present. Basic Comfort is more than just a band or catalog of music— they are a perspective in growth. BC is also known for their work on season 10 of the “Something Was Wrong”  Podcasts. The group reworked the show’s theme song “U Think U,” initially written by Glad Rags.    You can also hear their work with the band, Finkel, on their remix for Finkel’s 2020 song, “Sense of Humor”.

Chloe Kimes wsg The Rebel Eves

This is a 21 and over event.Standing Room Only Nashville based singer-songwriter Chloe Kimes is actively defining the next generation of folk-singing troubadours with an old-soul sensibility for storytelling in a spirited country outfit. Born and raised on the lakeshores of northern Michigan, Kimes is unbound by genre as she consistently navigates a delicate balance between poignance and charm with vocals wrung out and steadfast as any before her. Named one of NPR’s 2022 Slingshot Artist’s to Watch, Kimes’ debut album is ambitious and strikingly live. As a self-titled ought be, Chloe Kimes is a sincere reflection of the artist, and with music as homegrown as its penman, Kimes and her band are not to be missed. https://www.chloekimesmusic.com ——–The Rebel Eves is a powerhouse Americana Trio with Michigan roots formed from the joy of connection, love of creativity, and the knowledge that music is a gift that can’t be taken for granted. Composed of three award winning songwriters, Grace, Jilian, and Katie started The Rebel Eves in 2022 as a way to inspire one another by sharing their experiences as women with the intention of empowering both themselves and their audiences through songwriting. Their honest story telling, hair raising harmonies, and compelling lyricism makes for true listening room moments attendees won’t soon forget.


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