Tommy Prine

This is a 18+ event with standing room only Tommy Prine’s debut album This Far South (released 6/23/23) is not only a long-awaited introduction but a testimony toPrine’s 20s and the loss, love, and growth that has defined them. Co-produced by a close friend and kindred musical spirit, Ruston Kelly, and beloved Nashville engineer and producer, Gena Johnson, the album is rich and dynamic from cathartic jams to nostalgic storytelling.”I feel like I’ve learned more about myself in the last year and a half than I ever have in my life,” Prine says. “And I thinkthat speaks a lot to doing something that I’m passionate about. I love and respect the craft. Just hitting the road and doing what so many people before me have done and will continue to do, it’s really resonated with me. I think it has transformed me into the person that I am meant to be.”


This is a 18 seated show Martin Sexton puts his signature style on his rendition of this iconic Beatles album combining what Rolling Stone calls his “soul-marinated voice” with his inventive guitar prowess.     We are all invited to Come Together to experience these brilliant songs celebrated in such a compelling reimagined way.  Martin Sexton Abbey Road Show VIP ticket: – preferred seating  – post-show Meet & Greet – Exclusive Martin Sexton Abbey Road Show souvenir keychain of unreleased recordings 

Cole Chaney

This is a 18+ event with standing room only Originally from Boyd County, KY, Chaney has since relocated to Lexington and is sure to be the next big thing coming out of Kentucky. At only 21 years old, Chaney’s catalog may be small, but he already boasts an absolute masterpiece of an album in which he proves wise beyond his years.   Mercy, his debut album released in 2021, is a 12-song showcase of Eastern Kentucky, blue collar anthems highlighted by Chaney’s deft lyricism and storytelling. An unknown musician prior to the album’s release, Chaney has since experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and has quickly amassed a growing and dedicated fan base, already thirsty for new music. -Whiskey Riff


This is a 18+ event with standing room only   Austin quintet Font — Thom Waddill (guitar/synth/vocals), Jack Owens (drums), Anthony Laurence (guitar/synth/sampler), Logan Wagner (percussion/sampler), and Roman Parnell (bass/synth) — announce their debut album, Strange Burden, to be released July 12th via Acrophase Records, and present its blistering and irresistibly dancy lead single “Hey Kekulé.” Strange Burden shows Font both translating the intensity of their live shows into the studio and polishing the surfaces of their music to juxtapose and dislocate genres with a quick-footed, nearly pop-art sensibility. Leading up to the album’s release, Font will support Yard Act throughout the west coast. Font create driving music of sampled stabs, dance beats, and euphoric choruses. As drummers Owens and Wagner lock into a co-constructed groove, Parnell’s bass bridges the kinetic back line to multi-instrumentalist and environment-shaper Laurence. From this density emerge frontman Waddill’s associative lyrics and electric-shock dance. They chose their name because it’s the archaic word for “fountain”; it implies both an abundance and the receptacle that holds it. To watch the band is to experience a tension of excess and containment as each member pulls the music into something that transcends its starting terms. In creating Strange Burden, the band referred increasingly to Talking Heads’ writing process with Brian Eno for Remain in Light, where the rhythm section would lay down grooves and loops for Eno and Byrne to later structure and write over. The first real flash of success with this process came with “Hey Kekulé,” the blistering and irresistibly dancy lead single for Strange Burden, which was a big step forward for the band and how it could live and grow together as an organism.

The Go Rounds w/ Gitis Baggs & The Lasso

18+ Event standing room only The Go Rounds are one of contemporary indie rock’s most creative groups, a bold and visionary collection of talented musicians that have forged a reputation as innovators over the course of five studio albums and countless live performances.   Hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan, they’ve firmly established themselves in the Great Lakes music community, becoming staples of the local festival circuit while taking their electric live show from coast to coast, from SXSW to Otis Mountain Getdown. Having shared the stage with Jeff Tweedy, Delicate Steve, Mandolin Orange, The Wood Brothers, Caroline Rose, The War and Treaty, Liz Cooper & the Stampede, and Lucy Rose, The Go Rounds are seriously experienced performers with the material to back it up.   Described as a blend of psychedelia, Americana, twang-rock and jelly-roll with a healthy dose of pop sensibility holding things together, The Go Rounds write music that sounds like bits and pieces of all your favorite bands exploded into rock ‘n roll confetti. Fingerpicked guitar, fuzzy distorted tones, introspective ambience, spellbinding vocals and effervescent synth-pop: they manage to effortlessly weave together a varied sonic palette through intricate arrangements that are at once accessible, engaging, surprising and evocative. —————— Acclaimed Kalamazoo songwriter, G’itis Baggs, performing with a stunning collection of Michigan talent, the new album Having The Same Dream

Guided By Voices w/ Deadbeat

2024 Bell’s Beer Garden Summer Concert SeriesThis is a 18 and over event. #1 Album Of The Year – MAGNET Magazine   “The album is an unabashed, bombastic and unapologetic statement of purpose from one of America’s greatest living songwriters.” – Paste Magazine – Album of the Week    “GBV’s hot streak continues with one of their best albums in ages.”  – Brooklyn Vegan – Album of the Week   Listen to new single Serene King:   In 1994, 38-year-old school teacher Robert Pollard & his merry band recorded Bee Thousand in a Dayton, Ohio, basement on a 4-track cassette recorder. This improbable rock classic became an enormously influential album: Pitchfork and Spin have called it one of the best records of the ’90s, and Amazon picked Bee Thousand as #1 on their list of the 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Of All Time. A legendary live band with a rabid following, the Washington Post called GBV “the Grateful Dead equivalent for people who like Miller Lite instead of acid!”  With 14 studio albums already under their belts in 6 years, the band’s present-day line-up is nothing less than a new Golden Age of GBV.   

The Yussef Dayes Experience w/ Jordan Hamilton

2024 Bell’s Beer Garden Summer Concert SeriesThis is a 18 and over event. YUSSEF DAYES is a tour-de-force behind the drums. Widely recognised as one of the most electrifying live performers of his generation, watching the South London-raised producer, composer and drummer perform is an exhilarating combo of technical prowess, intensity and emotion – leaving audiences in no doubt as to the role of rhythm in channelling spiritual energy.  Yussef grew up with three brothers in a home where musical experimentation was fully embraced. He was drumming by the age of four, tutored by Miles Davis’ drummer, Billy Cobham, aged ten, and quickly developed an ear for a wide range of musical styles: from the influence of East/West African rhythms and its journey through the Caribbean and South America, to the soundsystem-heavy impact of grime and jungle. That music, with its intertwining sonic language, are the building blocks of his philosophy around jazz as a form of black classical music. While still only in his pre-teens, he joined his two brothers – Ahmad and Kareem – and saxophonist, Wayne Francis (aka Ahnanse) in Afrocentric quartet, United Vibrations.Dayes’ meteoric rise came via the short lived duo Yussef Kamaal, with keyboardist Kamaal Williams. Black Focus (2016, Brownswood Recordings) — the pair’s sole and critically acclaimed album — instantly became the blueprint for a generation of music lovers and makers embroiled in the multicultural inner city junglism of Brexit-era Britain. In 2018, Yussef launched his own imprint Cashmere Thoughts Recordings and released a string of solo releases including the classic Love is The Message live at Abbey Road Studios, a collaboration with Alfa Mist, Mansur Brown and Rocco Palladino. In 2020, Yussef announced What Kinda Music, a collaboration with Tom Misch via Blue Note Records. The latter turned heads at an all-new mainstream level, reaching Top 5 in the UK Album Charts, garnering a coveted Ivor Novello nomination, and a BPI Silver Sales award.Since then, his list of collaborators has blossomed to include the finest talents across both music and fashion. Championed by the late polymath visionary and creative director Virgil Abloh, Yussef fronted multiple shows and multi-disciplinary collaborations between 2019 and 2022 including leading the curation of the soundtrack to the Men’s Spring-Summer 2021 show in Tokyo, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, the Freeze art fair in London, events with Off-White and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Now ready to share his debut solo studio LP, and in a new partnership between Warner Music / Brownswood Recordings and Cashmere Thoughts Recordings, it looks as though 2023 will see Dayes ready to take his uncompromising talent and vision to new audiences globally, unrestrained by previous conceptions about where instrumentalist artists, or indeed “jazz” can go.

Sarah Jarosz: Polaroid Lovers Tour

2024 Bell’s Beer Garden Summer Concert SeriesThis is a 18 and over event. Four-time GRAMMY winner Sarah Jarosz has announced her new album, Polaroid Lovers.The seventh album from Sarah Jarosz finds the highly decorated songwriter at the apex of change. A Texas native, she’s spent most of her adult life living in New York City, but shortly before writing the album Jarosz left her adopted home to join her soon-to-be husband in Nashville, TN. The geographic shake-up led to a sonic one as well for Polaroid Lovers. For the first time in her career she opened herself up to collaborators, leading to writing sessions with Daniel Tashian, Ruston Kelly and Natalie Hemby. The creative reorganization of her writing process evolved to include a much richer and more electric sound in the studio and being in Nashville meant access to a world of hot shot players. She tapped guitarist Rob McNelley (Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood), Tom Bukovac (Tom Petty, Vince Gill) on guitar and organ, her husband- bassist Jeff Picker (Nickel Creek), and drummer Fred Eltringham (Sheryl Crow, Lucinda Williams) for the album recording. Tashian took the helm as producer and the whole album was laid down at the legendary Sound Emporium. As it goes with all change, Jarosz’s major life events had her feeling contemplative. While sitting on the precipice of adulthood, Polaroid Lovers finds her reflecting on past loves, childhood dreams, the places she lived in and all the versions of herself that she’s been. Although the listener experiences the sonic shift forward, the album’s subject matter is a photo album of the past. Jarosz has never sounded more assured. Polaroid Lovers is filled with the kind of confidence that comes from hard won life experiences and the conviction of someone who truly knows herself. Sarah Jarosz released her debut album at the age of 18 and was immediately nominated for her first GRAMMY. Raised in Texas, she began playing mandolin at age 10 and soon after guitar and banjo. To date, she has released six studio albums, has netted ten GRAMMY Nominations and four wins.Polaroid Lovers Tour VIP Experience Includes:- 1 General Admission Ticket – Pre-Show sound check performance- Q&A and group photo with Sarah- Exclusive signed poster- Early entry into the venue

Kurt Vile and The Violators with Emily Robb

2024 Bell’s Beer Garden Summer Concert SeriesThis is a 18 and over event. Back to Moon Beach (Verve Records) is an EP by no one’s definition but Kurt Vile’s. Clocking in at just shy of an hour, this would be a long full-length record by most any other artist’s yardstick, but for Kurt, the collection is an expression of just how deep his well of non-album material runs. Culled from various sessions over the last four years, and representing a wide swath of the inspirational musical community Kurt surrounds himself with, the core 4 songs of the record (tracks 1, 2, 3 and 6) were born in the fall of 2019 at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, California alongside close musical partners Rob Laakso, Stella Mozgawa, Chris Cohen and with coproduction on tracks 1, 3 and 6 by Cate Le Bon. Later fleshed out with bandmate and producer / engineer Adam Langelotti, additional musical parts were played by “Farmer” Dave Scher and Mikel Patrick Avery. Many other moments (including hella overdubs on the Stinson Beach material) are from intense sessions on planet Philly at Kurt’s studio: OKV Central. It’s been a heavy few years and plenty of excuses to get lost in outer space behind the microphones. Mant Sounds – KV’s go-to recording studio in Los Angeles – was a third and crucial launchpad to ram these sessions home… a familiar spaceship run by Rob Schnapf and often flown by Matt Schuessler as engineer. EP opener “Another Good Year For The Roses” is a richly psychedelic piano-driven earworm with swirling lap steel and catchy blues-pop guitars, and a deeply meditative yet characteristically hooky bend. Written a full year before the pandemic – and recorded in October 2019 just shy of it – “Touched Somethin (Caught a Virus)” was originally intended for Vile’s 2022 full length (watch my moves), but was ultimately left off of that record out of concern that it would be interpreted too literally, given the state of the world that unfolded shortly after its recording. Somberly, the Stinson Beach material in the collection are some of the final unreleased recordings with Kurt’s longtime creative partner Rob Laakso, prior to his passing in early 2023. The EP is rounded out with a few fan favorites — his covers of Wilco’s “Passenger Side” and Bob Dylan’s Christmas song “Must Be Santa,” (featuring vocals by Kurt’s daughters Awilda and Delphine Vile) which Kurt is excited to bring to a wider platform (“just in time for the holidays!”) after its Spotify-only release last year. The final track brings-it-all-back-home with a punched-up, radio-ready version of (watch my moves) standout “Cool Water” – originally recorded with the Violators in January 2020 by Rob Schnapf at Mant sounds and remixed by Rob Schnapf again in May 2023 for this release – and for the radio!

The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis wsg Andrew Rathbun Tri

This is a 18 and over event with standing room only Joe Lally was onstage, playing at full throttle, when he realized that his band had found a true kindred spirit. It was the fall of 2021 and the Messthetics — the instrumental trio of Lally on bass, his former Fugazi bandmate Brendan Canty on drums and guitarist Anthony Pirog — were at Brooklyn venue the Bell House, digging into their uptempo riff workout “Serpent Tongue.” Joining them for the piece was a special guest, acclaimed jazz saxophonist James Brandon Lewis, making only his second cameo with the group after a drop-in at another New York show back in 2019. That first meeting had been a success, but this time, Lewis’ presence sparked something new.The Messthetics spent a few months in the fall of 2022 assembling and arranging material as a trio before meeting with Lewis for just one day of rehearsal prior to the recording in December. Even with minimal prep time, the material evolved considerably. Lewis added a lush, spiraling melody to the chorus section of “The Time Is the Place,” originally called “Meters Groove” in honor of the song’s Canty-written central riff, a crisp seven-beat strut. And Lewis was the key element that unlocked Lally’s “Railroad Tracks Home,” joining the bassist on the second pass through the theme and turning the subtle, swinging mood piece from something, in Lally’s words, “dirge-y and dark” to “a light-bringing thing.”Judging by the enthusiastic response the Messthetics and their esteemed guest have received during more recent live meetings, listeners are similarly eager to hear what happens when brilliant players like these stretch themselves through collaboration.

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