All American Funk Parade w/ DJ Joe Hertler

This is a 21 and over event.Standing Room Only The All American Funk Parade will take all of the things that you thought you knew about yourself and smash them together in a big bowl and stomp on them until they all mashed into moosh and then they will pour Barbeque Sauce all over it until it oozes over the sides and dribbles onto the floor where you and all of your loved ones will DANCE ALL OVER IT UNTIL YOU NO LONGER KNOW WHO THE F#@% YOU ARE.      

May Erlewine & The Motivations – SOLD OUT!

This is a 21 and over event.Standing Room Only   Hosted by everyone’s favorite songstress, May Erlewine on vocals, Phil Barry on guitar and vocals, Joe Hettinga on synth, keys and vocals, Max Lockwood on bass and vocals, Mike Lynch on organ and keys, Terrence Massey on trumpet and vocals, Brandon Proch on saxophone and trumpet and Michael Shimmin on drums, percussion and vocals. The Motivations are a 9-piece, big band, high energy sound, bringing the magic of yesteryear and all your favorite throwback covers to the party.  With the intent to celebrate community and connection at every show, this band doesn’t disappoint. if you didn’t know each other at the beginning of the concert you are likely to be great friends by the end. Join us for this year’s holiday dance parties!  

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