Katy Kirby w/ Mei Semones and Jes Kramer

Ages 18 and up
Wednesday, July 31
Show: 8pm
$17 / Day Of : $20

This is a 18 and over event with standing room only

Let’s face it: There’s no such thing as “real life”. There is only experience and the negotiations we undertake in order
to share it with other people. On her second album Blue Raspberry, the New York-based songwriter Katy Kirby dives
headlong into the artifice of intimacy: the glitter smeared across eyelid creases, the smiles switched on with an electric
buzz, the synthetic rose scent all over someone who’s made herself smell nice just for you. An exegesis of Kirby’s first
queer relationship, Blue Raspberry traces the crescendo and collapse of new love, savoring each gleaming shard of
rock candy and broken glass along the way.

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